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Recommended Procurement Webinars for October 16-20: Extended supply partners, Supply chain risk ROI, the High-end gig Economy


After a quiet week last week, we’re ramping back up to a full schedule with 9 events taking place. And if you’re thinking a little further out, I’m presenting a webinar with Jaggaer and WNS Denali on October 26th: How can you control rogue marketing spend? Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.

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Strategies to Prevent Cost Impact of Third and Fourth Party Incidents (SIG, MetricStream)

October 17th, 1pm ET

As a profession, procurement is famous (or infamous… depending on your perspective) for our terminology. That’s why it is always so interesting when new or changed terminology comes to light. In this webinar description there are two examples: 1. The idea of third and FOURTH parties (sort of a variation on supply chain tiers) and 2. The characterization of some suppliers (probably service providers) as third parties. It feels like an evolution from the outsourcing and then services procurement terminology we’ve become accustomed to.


From Cost Center to Profit Center: Justify value of supply chain risk management by presenting robust ROI (Supply Chain Brain, Resilinc)

October 18th, 1pm ET

Investing in supply chain risk management is usually something like buying insurance: you put in money year after year with the hopes that you won’t have to use it, considering it a cost of living or a cost of doing business. That might make good sense, but it doesn’t provide much of an ROI. In this webinar, Thermo Fisher and Resilinc will talk about identifying the sources of value associated with managing supply chain risk – including tying it into an actual ROI for the company.


Procurement and the High-End Gig Economy: Don't Just Regulate - Innovate! (Spend Matters, BTG)

October 19th, 1pm ET

As a ‘gig’ or knowledge worker myself, I can attest to the idea that companies are increasingly dependent on non-traditional workers to make their most strategic efforts possible. But it is usually a knee-jerk way to address company needs, not a well-planned or coordinated effort. In this webinar, Andrew Karpie of Spend Matters and Jody Miller, CEO of Business Talent Group, will talk about how to leverage non-traditional talent as part of a structured program.





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