Recommended Webinars June 1-5: Managing Supplier Risk and Embracing Automation


As we turn the corner into June, the pace of even virtual events has slowed back to what I would expect to see in the summer months of a ‘normal’ year, which this decidedly is not. One sign of light at the end of the tunnel is this: I added a live event (yes, live – in person and with people in attendance) for November of 2020. Time will tell if that is going to hold and what it will look like, but it feels like a glimmer of hope all the same.

If you are planning your schedule further ahead, I recommend “When Supplier Selection Is Influenced by pressures from within your organization” from ProPurchaser on June 9th at 11am ET.

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Leveraging automation to help manage supplier risk (KPMG, Coupa)

June 3rd, 2pm ET

What if you had somehow known that the coronavirus pandemic was coming in time to prepare for it? How could you have used that window of time to either ward off disruption or position yourself to gain market share? That ship may have sailed for COVID-19, but there are any number of other risks and potential disruptions around the globe that plague our suppliers and supply chains. They are too numerous to monitor manually, so supplier risk is a key opportunity to incorporate automation – one that procurement and supply chain managers need to be fully informed about.


Learn how Husqvarna mowed-down its legacy by embracing automation and digital colleagues (HfS Research)

June 4th, 11am ET

In these days of ‘Zoom’ and WFH, all of our colleagues seem digital, but some are more digital than others – namely, intelligent automation. In this case study-format webinar, we will learn from outdoor power tool manufacturer Husqvarna is automating its business processes with the help of some seriously digital colleagues. Featuring Ollie O’Donoghue, Senior Vice-Presidential Candidate at HFS Research, Miriam Deasy, Research Director at HFS Research, Anders Ågren, Transformation Lead, Global Information Services at Husqvarna Group, and Ritesh Jain, Vice President and Head of Automation at HCL Digital Process Operations.





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