Recommended Webinars June 4-8: 3rd Party Financial Risk, Real World RPA, Transforming Supplier Management


And… we’re back! After a 1 webinar week last week – likely due to the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S. – June is already shaping up to be an active month for events. If you like to plan further ahead, I recommend "Building a Best-in-Class Category Management Program: The Newest Trends, Tips and Technologies" on June 12th from SIG and GEP.

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Understanding the Financial Footprint of Third Parties (SIG, LexisNexis) 

June 5th, 1pm ET

We don’t need anyone to make the case that procurement should be evaluating the financial stability of suppliers as part of our standard processes. What we do need some guidance on is how to do it effectively. There are so many services out there for getting and analyzing supplier finances… how can we be sure we are using the best information sources in the right way to fuel good decision making? In this webinar, LexisNexis’ Karen E. Gray will talk about available rating systems and credit reports as well as additional risk indicators companies can use to increase their response time to elevated supplier risk levels.


Robotic Process Automation in the Real World: How 3 Companies are Innovating with RPA (IRPA, Kofax)

June 6th, 11am ET

RPA is such an amazing new technology, however it is starting to feel like we’ve all accepted its potential (and staying power) without much proof. The majority of discussions about RPA involve vision for the future and pilot programs. Unfortunately, for most companies in the ‘real world’ that leaves little to go on when considering RPA for business needs. In this panel-format webinar, we’ll hear people who have actually implemented RPA talk about ideal use cases, where RPA can boost the performance of other in-place technologies, and how to manage the common fear that “THE ROBOTS ARE HERE TO GET US. RUN!!”


FitBit’s Three-Factor Formula for Transforming Supplier Management (SIG, Scout RFP)

June 7th, 1pm ET

Wanting to have better relationships with our strategic suppliers and actually making it happen are two very different things. In this webinar, Sonia Danforth, Senior Global Category Manager at Fitbit, will talk about how her team succeeded in this area by focusing on three main factors: 1. Value beyond savings/spend, 2. cohesive strategy planning, and 3. “staying sharp in the supplier ecosystem”. I’m not exactly sure what that third factor means, but I bet it’s a workout!






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