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Recommended Webinars Nov 26-30: Instant Impact S2P and The Issue of Trust


This week, Procurement Leaders’ Data, Intelligence, and Technology Forum is taking place in London on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Achieving Agility in Procurement Operations: Beam’s Transformation Journey’ from ISM, Scout RFP, and Beam Suntory on December 11th.

A quick note as the end of the year approaches: I’m watching the event listings for December, and as of right now it looks like December 10-14 will be the last week of the year. If the week after fills in, I’m game, but if it doesn’t, I’ll stop my event recommendations posts on December 17th and pick up again on January 7th.

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Easy changes you can make to your S2P process for instant impact (Determine, Procurement Leaders)

November 29th, 11am

Easy? I like easy. Who doesn’t? Do you know who else likes easy? STAKEHOLDERS. And as much as they like easy, they LOVE consumer buying sites like Amazon. Not only do they bristle at seemingly cumbersome procurement processes, they don’t see any reason to suffer through poorly implemented, hard to use S2P technology. In this webinar, the speakers will take us through a number of user experiences we ought to reconsider, including those associated with spend access, purchasing, and market intelligence.


The Trust Issue: How a World of Risk is Being Conquered through Trusted and Transparent Relationships (SIG, LexisNexis)

November 29th, 1pm

Trust is such an interesting topic to discuss against the backdrop of today’s complex, global supply chains. Which supply partners do you trust? How many do you actually know? In this webinar, LexisNexis’ Karen Grey will talk about the ROI of trust and how we can take a different approach to risk that actually improves our trust position.






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