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Oct 23-27: Procurement Mythbusting, Managed Services, ESG Digitalization


Although negotiation is just one part of what procurement does, it is an important part. In the most recent Dial P for Procurement, I studied the complex multi-party negotiation going on in Hollywood and pulled out lessons that all of us can apply.

If you are planning your event schedule ahead of this week, I recommend “P2P: What "Good" Looks Like (And Why it Matters)” from Tradeshift on November 8th.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


[AOP Event] BUSTED! Demystifying Software Procurement (Art of Procurement & Productiv)

October 24, 1pm ET

Art of Procurement recently partnered with Productiv to conduct research into how companies are managing their SaaS and software spend. At this webinar, joined by Aubrey Zimmerman, Procurement Analyst at Lattice, and KR Barron, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Productiv, we will share some of the key findings from the research and discuss what they mean for procurement.


Managed services: Going from transactional to transformational (HFS)

October 26, 12am ET

We have been talking about changes in services procurement quite a bit recently, and it seems that we are not alone. Between economic uncertainty, workforce trends, and the abundant availability of third parties and gig workers, change seems unavoidable. In this webinar, David J. Brown, Global Head of Managed Services at KPMG, Ron Walker, Managed Services US Leader at KPMG US, Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS Research, and Elena Christopher, Chief Research Officer at HFS Research will discuss the findings of new research into managed services.


Using Digital Innovation to Transform Supply Chains and Achieve ESG Excellence (Procurement Leaders & Sphera)

October 26, 10am ET

One of the things I have learned from interviews in 2023 is that companies who manage ESG initiatives in line with other spend and supplier management work are the most successful. To make that possible at scale, you’re going to need technology. Join Heiko Schwarz, Global Risk Advisor at Sphera, and Cyril Pourrat, Founder & CEO at BT Sourced, as they talk about how digitalization can facilitate ESG success despite supply chain challenges.





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