Recommended Procurement Webinars November 4-8: Unlocking Working Capital and Reinventing Procurement


I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but it is officially November. Knowing that there are only 8 weeks left in the year – even before serious cutouts for holidays – is much scarier than anything we saw last week for Halloween.

In addition to this week’s webinar recommendations, CFO Summit XXXVIII is taking place the 7ththrough the 9thin Irving Texas.

If you are looking for a longer term webinar recommendation, I have two for you. The first is an update: the AOP Live session scheduled for October 29thhad to be rescheduled because the primary speaker, Joseph Yacura, and his family were evacuated from their home in California due to the massive wildfires out there. The Current State of Digital Readiness: Mastering the Supply Chain Data Challengewill now take place on November 20th. 

And we have a new AOP Live on the calendar, From Isolated Zero to Enterprise Hero: Best Practices for Managing Holistic Procurement Performance with Pierre Lapree and Jason Trieda will take place on November 12th. Both events are live, broadcast with video and likely to lead to highly engaged discussions.

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Using Digital Transformation to Unlock Working Capital in Your Supply Chain (Tradeshift)

November 5that 2pm ET

Here’s the funny thing about being a writer in any technical field: you get used to fighting spell/grammar check in a few common places. The best example I can think of is “spend”. IN procurement, spend is most commonly a noun. MS Word doesn’t like it, but it is. To most of the world, however, spend is a verb – and in this webinar we get a reminder about why procurement needs to think of spend that way too. If we really want to build strategic relationships with our suppliers, we need to recognize the flow of working capital in the supply chain. Spend isn’t a stationary object to be examined, it is a resource on the go!


Reinventing Procurement: Smart Strategies to Transform Your Operation (Ardent Partners, Ivalua)

November 6that 2pm ET

Many of us lament the fact that so many things seem to stay the same in procurement. In this webinar, Andrew Bartolini, Vishal Patel and Alex Zimmerman will talk about the difference between the majority (for whom not a lot has changed) and the Best-in-Class companies that are outperforming the market and leading the way towards new best practices and increased strategic value.





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