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Webinar Recommendations for June 1-5, 2015: Contingent Workforce, Oil Price Impacts, and Market Analysis

Webinar Recommendations for June 1-5, 2015: Contingent Workforce, Oil Price Impacts, and Market Analysis

And here we are, skidding into the summer season on two wheels. Don’t let that make you think that there aren’t any events worth attending, however. If anything, the break in the busy conference season until September opens up the calendar for webinars. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and connect to the registration pages.


Building the Next-Generation Contingent Workforce Management Program (Ardent Partners)

6/2, 1pm EDT

This event is being sponsored by ZeroChaos, a workforce management solutions provider, but the presentation will come from Ardent Partners (and former Aberdeen GSM) analyst Christopher Dwyer. If you have to hear someone talk about contingent workforce management, he’s the guy. The focus on this event will be on next-gen CWM and how you can put plans in place to repair any issues you have today while building for a better program in the future.


How Will Falling Oil Prices Impact Resin Prices and What Should Purchasing Leaders be Doing to Benefit Their Organizations? (APD)

6/4, 10am EDT

In the first of three events on Thursday, Advanced Purchasing Dynamics will bring together a panel of industry experts to discuss what changes we should expect to see in the price of oil and how they will affect a number of categories, including resins and plastic components. It is amazing just how many types f products are affected by the price of oil. In my grocery retail days I attended a workshop on tying contract pricing to an index, and the example used was the link between the price of resin (a derivative of oil) and plastic shopping bags. Since this event will be presented from a procurement standpoint we will hear about the anticipated affects as well as what those of us in the field should do about it.


Make Market Analysis Work for You (Public Spend Forum)

6/4, 12pm EDT

A couple of hours later, Public Spend Forum is presenting an event on market analysis. If you aren’t familiar with Public Spend Forum, they are a member of the Spend Matters family of sites, originally launched as a partnership (that’s my term) between Spend Matters and Censeo Consulting. They recently re-launched themselves and the team of editors and contributors is now vastly more diverse and impressive. You can check them out here.

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